Please phone for an appointment if you'd like to meet any of our kittens. And PLEASE read our Adoption Information first! 

Phone 094223322 or Julie 0274314660.
Please note: We try very hard to keep our kitten page up-to-date but apologise in advance if your preferred kitten is no longer available .

We have more beautiful kittens who are currently at foster homes being socialised!

If you have ever thought about adopting a timid kitten, now is the right time.  While it's cooler and your doors and windows are closed against the cold weather!  These kittens and teens are very rewarding, bond closely with their special person and are very loyal.  They just need more time to settle and you will need to ensure they are securely indoors for at least a month.  Until they are totally at ease with you and their new surroundings.

Oyster Farm: Tabby Male
D.O.B: Mid May 2021
Status: Available Soon

12th July:  Look at the big eyes on this little guy!  He was found in a shed at the Oyster Farm, so sad.  Not feral so must have been dumped out there.  He's quite delightful, loves attention!

Tatie: Tabby Male
D.O.B: mid February 2021
Status: Available

23rd June:  This boy is shy but sweet, would do well with another kitten. 

Indie: Black Female
D.O.B. Mid March 2021
Status: Available soon

23rd June:  One of the kittens we have trapped at The Grange.  Lovely girl, she has spent time in a foster home and is very sweet.  Stitches out next week and she'll be ready to find her forever family!  

Nellie: Black & White Female
D.O.B. Mid March 2021
Status: Available

23rd July:  One of the kittens that came to us from Coast to Coast Vets.  She has been well socilised in a foster home and is a lovely girl who is now ready to find her forever family!  


Casper: Male
D.O.B: January 2021
Status: ADOPTED!

23rd June:  Casper arrived in March as a 3 month old feral kitten trapped on a farm.  He was very scared but spent 3 months in a foster home and eventually decided that (some) people are ok.  It was a quiet home filled with other cats (8) so that's what he is used to.  He will definitely take time to settle into a new environment but he loves toys & food and sleeping on your bed snuggled in next to you.  He has a very loud purr!