You can also check our 'On Behalf' Page - you may just find what you are looking for there! 
They are cats we have been asked to take but can't at present so are advertising them on
behalf of their owners.

Lilah Aug 2022.jpg
Lilah: Birman female
D.O.B: 5 years old
Status: Available

Lilah is a very vocal super-smooch. She needs a lot of love and attention, so would suit a single/retired owner who can spend lots of time with her.

She also would best suit an owner with experience with longhaired cats who can give her the essential grooming she needs. She has already been desexed and microchipped.

Teddy: Tabby Male
D.O.B: 4 years old

Due to a change in circumstances in his life, Teddy is looking for his new furever home.

Teddy is the smoochiest most loving boy who loves cuddles and face-bumps. 

Phoebe: Black and white female
D.O.B: 2 years old
Status: Available

Phoebe is a sweet and loving cat who came to us with her kittens who have all been homed. 

Phoebe would love a furever home with a "cat person" who will be patient and understanding while she settles in and finds her way around.

Berry: Black and white female
D.O.B: 1 year old

Berry is a lovely friendly girl who loves lots of attention. She gets on well with other cats 

She has already been desexed and microchipped and would love to meet her new family.