On Hold

Trixie has grown a lot in confidence the last few months and has turned into quite the talker and is seeking affection, yay! We are looking for someone very special for our Trixie! She has been with us for so long and we would love to see her with her own special person, probably someone who lives alone so there isn’t too much noise or excitement in the house. We love Trixie and she loves us back BUT she is not good when strangers come in. So we need someone patient who will take her home and give her lots of time to settle in. She will bond with and love a new person but it would have to be at her pace. Once she is comfortable with you she is a sweet & loving little girl. She is no trouble, not in the least demanding, she just needs a warm, quiet house with a warm quiet person or people. Is that you or perhaps someone you know? She would need to be kept inside for a few weeks so you would have to be prepared for that. Trixie will be two years old in November.