Tilly – Adopted!


30th October:  After a year at the Refuge, including 6 months in foster, Tilly has found her forever human friend.  So happy for Tilly.

6th September: Observations about Tilly:   Tilly doesn’t like to be smothered with love if she doesn’t know you well.  She is a lovely cat but you would definitely need to be patient with her and let her trust you in her own time…this may take a couple of weeks but I think she’s worth it!
(Kerry, Volunteer).

28th August:  A Note From Tilly’s Foster Mum
Tilly is a playful cat.  She loves cat toys & is so much fun to watch as she flips toy mice around.  She isn’t very vocal, but when she is heading to her bowl at feeding time she lets out an occasional meow.  She has great litter box habits.  She is shy upon first meeting but loves to be patted.  She cuddles in very close at bedtime and in the morning.  She likes to sit on you & when you hear her quiet purr you know you have made her day.  

3rd August:  Tilly is so pretty now, she deserves a new photo!

11th July:  Tilly went to a foster home while we got through kitten season.  She went with Fran to a quiet adult home where she has done very well and is a lot more confident.  Her foster mum has written some words which we will publish soon.

14th December:  Tilly is a very special wee girl.  She was pregnant and living under a house with a lot of other uncared for cats.  They all came to us.  Tilly had her kittens here at the Refuge.  The kittens are all gone now and Tilly has been spayed & micro-chipped.  Tilly is a nervous cat, she has probably never known human kindness before coming to us.  She has bonded well with a couple of the volunteers and we know she is capable of giving & receiving love but she will require patience.  Sound like you?  Do you have a quiet household and can you keep her secure while she settles.  Give us a call!