On Hold

15th January:  So happy to report that Norman was chosen and seems to be happily settling in.

6th September:  Another very lucky boy – dropped at the vets for ‘putting down’ with a few other trapped street cats, Norman had a lucky escape.  The vet called and asked us to give him a trial.  Norman disliked captivity so after de-sexing & micro-chipping, we let him out thinking that he would just call in now and again for a feed.  However, Norman stuck around!  He slowly let Julie pat him, and then other volunteers…we brought him back indoors and he loved it.  He has continued to gain confidence around people and has the freedom to come & go as he pleases.  He is terrified of the broom and can get a fright easily but we feel he deserves a home of his own. At first he didn’t like other cats which was puzzling as he did previously live in a group, but he has formed an amazing friendship with our big girl Fergie!  You will need to be patient with Norman while he settled in and he would probably only suit adults or quiet, calm children.  Talk to Julie!