122nd January:  So many plain black & plain tabbies this year!  But they are only plain in colour!  Their personalities are all so different!

The Kaiwaka Kids are doing really well…Ralph (black & white) definitely ready, Russ (ginger & white) might take a bit longer to settle but he’s really nice.

As at today, we have 1 black male kitten…but quite a few in foster!

We also have 3 tabby girls ready to go or almost ready to go (one is on meds).

And we have 3 of the prettiest tabbies ever, they were discovered at Centennial Park in Wellsford but are very friendly and loving kittens.  The 2 older ones are boys and the younger one is a girl.  They will be de-sexed in the next few days and then ready to go.
UPDATE:The grey tabby boy has been adopted and will be picked up after his snip ‘n’ chip on Friday.

Pepe is a tabby & white character
Beau is a gorgeous tabby boy, ex feral but very loving.

A tabby boy & a tabby girl…striking kittens who are still settling in after being fostered together.  They are not related.  Boy on the left 5 months & girl on the right 4+ months.
Update:The stunning little girl has been adopted!


A lovely little black girl with slightly crossed eyes (on right in picture).  She’s reaaly sweet and just needs to gain some weight. While I was fostering she was called Whitney. (KM).

A dark torti/calico girl & her ginger brother.
Update: the girl is on hold!

4 teeny tinies, 2 black & white & 2 tabby & white


Give Julie a call to see what is currently available as they do come & go quickly!
Mobile 0274314660.