Kit – Adopted!

28th October:  Kit & Biggles have left the building – all the best for the future you beautiful boys!

11th October: We are so happy to report that Kit & Biggles have been chosen!  They will go and live together which is just what we were hoping for as they really love each other!  We will have 2 more weeks with them as their new family move into their new home at Labour weekend.

6th September:  Kit is a VERY special boy looking for a VERY special home.  Kit never lived in a house until he was around 6 months old.  Kit spent the summer scrounging for scraps around a local campground.  When the management decided to get rid of the stray cats his fate was not looking good.  Along with Lynx & 2 other cats, he was grabbed by a French couple, de-sexed & brought to the refuge.  I fostered Kit, he was not afraid of humans but did not want to be touched or handled.  After a couple of days in a crate to see if my 7 cats would accept him, I let him have the run of the house.  His manners were impeccable and ALL my cats liked him.  He formed a very close bond with my young ginger boy Arlo (second photo) and he always looked to Arlo for guidance.  It only took a few days for me to be able to stroke him all over his body & tickle him under the chin.  It was Kit who decided when it was time to sit on my knee & also to sleep on my bed.  Since returning to the refuge he has reverted slightly to his former ways but I’m certain that in the right environment with the right cat & human company he will do really well.  He is good friends with other cats at the refuge and if you are thinking about 2 cats then Biggles & Kit together would be ideal!  I have videos of Kit being patted & sitting on my lap.  Regards, Kerry (Volunteer & Foster Mum).