Chloe … Adopted!


19th November:  This darling girl has been adopted by an angel!  We are so happy for her!

24th October:  Chloe is 6 years old.  Chloe needs to be your only pet.  She came to us about 8 weeks ago as sad & broken lost soul.  We are looking for a very special person who will pamper this sweet girl and shower her with love and affection.  She has come along way while with us, she now loves attention, head bops & kisses and you can see a smile behind her eyes.  Her ears were in a bad state and she had a habit of shaking her head and scratching a lot.  It’s taken a while but we are finally getting on top of this problem.  However, Chloe MAY have on-going ear/skin problems which may require on-going medication.  That is why she needs a very special person…someone not afraid to take on a cat who MAY have on-going issues.  We are currently trialling a anti-histamine which is just a tiny tablet once a day.  You will have to be dedicated to the well-being of this beauty – we would absolutely hate to see her revert to her former state of health both physically & mentally.