Buddy – Reunited

Update:  So the best news, Buddy was “Arthur” who had been missing since January. Needless to say his family were very happy to find him safe.  His best friend is his wolf dog who had suffered depression since Arthur went missing.  Typically his feline sister was not quite as happy to see him.  His problem with his legs had just started and he was booked in to see a specialist when he went missing.  Arthur was obviously a survivor, esppecially the winter months must have been very hard for him.  He’s our hero and we at the Refuge miss him very much but his family are keeping us updated on his progress.  You can now follow updates on our Facebook page.

The story so far:

On 31st October, Buddy was found by a very nice gentleman, dragging himself around Matheson Bay.  He was taken to Vet, Farm & Pet Clinic in Warkworth where Andrew checked him over.  They called Julie who rushed in to get him.  Buddy was heavily matted and was dragging his back legs.  Julie called Cherise Squire (Woof Wagg’n) who came the same day to start the long process of clipping him.  Buddy was so sweet & patient throughout.  The next day Cherise came back to wash & dry him.  He sure looked and smelt a lot better!  Poor boy had been unable to clean himself for so long and was unable to stand to ‘go’.  (He can now though & is spotlessly clean).

Once Buddy was comfortable he was taken back to Andrew for re-assessment & x-rays.  He’s only a youngish cat but has two areas of arthritis on his spine along with spurs.  He is on meds and is actually walking better with all the matting gone.  After a few more days of good food & lots of loving from everyone who meets him, Julie took him back to Andrew.  Unfortunately, the professional opinion is the spurs should not be removed because of the arthritis in the area.  However, we will pursue other areas that could help him such as spinal adjustment and physical therapy.

PLEASE NOTE:  Buddy was microchipped, but his microchip was not registered either on NZCAR or the equivalent in Australia.  The number indicates he was brought in from overseas.  If you bring your pet from overseas, PLEASE register on NZCAR as soon as possible. Buddy was found with a very tight seresto flea collar around his neck which may indicate that he had been missing for a long time and had grown somewhat.  He possibly wandered off while his family were holidaying in the area.  We have advertised him far & wide.  He will obviously be with us for the foreseeable future for rehabilitation but if not claimed by his family, we will be looking for a very special home for this amazing, inspirational boy.  We suspect Buddy is at least part maine coon.