Piper & Paige

26th May: New photo of Piper & Paige. These girls have grown up here and are happy young ladies but we would love to see them with their own home & family. Their brothers & sister are living the life and these two deserve the same…

6th May: These delightful girls will make you laugh everyday! Real characters! Have grown a bit so more photos coming.

26th February: One of these lovely girls has gone to her new home!

12th February: Anyone who used to watch The Charmed Ones? The three witch sisters (good witches). There was another sister called Phoebe too. Beautiful black girls!!!

31st January: These girls are growing up so have added new photos…

22nd January: These girls are back from foster where they have been socialised with a dog, adult cats and children. Ready for forever homes.

5th January: 2 boys adopted and 3 girls still with us.

22nd December: This beautiful black mum has 5 equally beautiful black kittens. They are only 6 weeks old so they will be ready to leave mum in 2 weeks. We’re pretty sure there are girls & boys – will update soon.