Asha – Adopted – Now called Tara!


25th September:  We are looking for a very special person to provide a home for a very special cat.  Asha is a 4 year old Bengal.  She was a breeding cat and lived in a crate before coming to us 6 months ago.  When she first arrived we could not touch her…now she is a confident and affectionate cat although she is still unsure about being picked up.  Asha would not leave her cage at first but she is now happily living in the communal area with other cats who she gets on with as long as they are respectful.  We have loved watching Asha progress from a very ‘shut down’ cat to to the bright and beautiful character she is today.  It definitely won’t be first in first served with Asha.  We will know when the right person comes along.  Please contact Julie if you are interested in meeting Asha.  First photo after a few weeks and other photo showing the much more relaxed Asha of today!